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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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International Women's Alliance


Long Live the People of Afghanistan!

After 43 years of foreign intervention and war in Afghanistan, including 20 years of U.S. imperialist occupation, the U.S. โ€“ backed puppet government has...

Webinar | Women resisting U.S. wars of aggression

WATCH: International Women's Alliance webinar on Women Resisting Wars of Aggression

Hands Off Cuba! End the illegal U.S. blockade NOW!

The International Womenโ€™s Alliance, an international non-governmental organization that works to promote women's human rights around the world, remains steadfast in its solidarity with...

Women Resisting and Rising: Kashmir and Beyond

Women Resisting and Rising: Kashmir and Beyond Join us for a webinar of the impact of militarism and occupation on women and activism in Kashmir...

IWA | Women Resisting and Rising: Kashmir and Beyond

  WATCHWATCH: International Women's Alliance Webinar on Women Resisting and Rising: Kashmir and Beyond

ROJAVA: Women’s Role in the Armed Struggle

  WATCH: IWA + ILPS Commission 7: Rojava Women's Role in the Armed Struggle

IWA Condemns Forced Hysterectomies of Women Detainees

The International Womenโ€™s Allianceย condemns in the strongest terms the mass and unauthorized (or forced) hysterectomies of women detainees, the majority of whom are Latinx,...

IWA Condemns the Pardon of Convicted US Marine by Philippine President Duterte

The International Womenโ€™s Alliance expresses our firmest solidarity with the people of the Philippines who are outraged by the recent pardon and release of...

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