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Friday, July 1, 2022



International Migrants Alliance intensifies demands for migrants, refugees, and displaced peoples amid COVID-19 pandemic

Crises often highlight and worsen pre-existing social and economic problems. This statement has been repeated by many experts, commentators and observers of late, in...

Because they were taken alive, we want them back alive!

Every year on this day, August 30, we commemorate the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances. Established by the UN in 2011 as...

Kurdistan should not become a battleground for regional or global wars

Kurdistan should not become a battleground for regional or global wars. It should be an inspiration for democracy and peaceful coexistence in the Middle East.

Indonesian migrant workers demand higher wages amid COVID-19

"It doesn't feel like it has been 7 months that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Various problems ranging from...

Health and labour rights of migrant domestic workers “at risk” with the COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak and the consequent actions by the Hong Kong government have put migrant domestic workers “at risk” due to lack of provision...

Threats vs rights defenders intensify as military pushes to regulate social media under terror law

“Straight from the horse’s mouth: the military’s proposal to ‘regulate’ social media under the Anti-Terrorism Act clearly isn’t about countering terrorism: they’ll use it to censor dissent and go after legal organizations they have long vilified as ‘terrorists,’”

Condemn racist state terror and U.S. imperialism’s war on Black people

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle-US Chapter (ILPS US) expresses its firmest solidarity and support to the Black liberation movement, the friends and family of George Floyd and to all of the people taking to the streets in Minneapolis and elsewhere to demand justice, accountability and an end to racist and colonial police terror.

Turkey is attacking Kurdistan, Turkish warplanes are bombing Kurdistan!

From the early morning of June 15th, 60 warplanes of the Turkish state bombed 81 locations, including refugee camp, hospitals, civilian areas, in Makhmour, Sinjar, Qandil, Zap and Xakurk. According to initial reports, the air raids target the Medya Defense Zones, vicinity of the Maxmur Refugee Camp and Shengal (Sinjar).

No to normalization, escalate the boycott: Confronting the US-Israel-UAE agreement

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network expresses its clear rejection of yet another sham of injustice, repression and capitalist exploitation, the so-called “diplomatic breakthrough” between the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In reality, this provides no peace and no justice, just a plan for continued collaboration between the forces of imperialism, Israel, Zionism and Arab reaction, along with escalated war on the Palestinian people and all people of the Arab region.

On the 74th Naga Independence Day

The International Indigenous Peoples Movement of Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) joins in raising the Naga National Flag of freedom in celebration of the 74th Naga Independence Day. We stand with the Naga people in North East India and around the world in calling for genuine peace, dignity and human rights.

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