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Thursday, February 2, 2023

End the War in Ukraine!  Stop the Crackdowns on Genuine Peace Advocates!

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Statement of the Resist US-Led War Movement – 3/18/22

The war in Ukraine rages on.  The civil war in the eastern Donbass region has seen over 14,000 deaths since the 2014 US-backed coup in Kiev.  While numbers are not agreed upon by all sources, it is likely that 2,000 to 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers and 5,000 to 6,000 Russian soldiers have been killed with nearly 600 civilians killed and nearly 1,000 civilians injured since Russia’s military invasion.  Over 2.5 million refugees have fled the country, including many migrants and overseas workers who face discrimination and further violence by border guards.  Russia has become the most sanctioned country in the world, with its people losing access to many affordable goods and bans on Russian oil imports skyrocketing gas prices around the world.  Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed US Congress in which he asked for a US-enforced No Fly Zone, a move that would bring the US and every NATO country into an open World War with Russia, with nuclear-armed powers on either side.

As always in war, it is the people who are affected.  Not the government executives, military generals, bankers, business owners or weapons suppliers.

In Ukraine, in Russia, throughout Europe, in the US and on every inhabited continent, people are taking to the streets or in any way they can to say NO TO IMPERIALIST WAR and YES TO GENUINE PEACE!

They risk public criticism, arrest, violent attacks and even death by state and non-state forces. And yet they continue to protest the rulers and war profiteers who lay the foundation for war in the pursuit of their narrow-minded and anti-people interests.

We stand with the brave anti-war protesters demanding a genuine peace and end to the root causes of this conflict – the disastrous inter-imperialist rivalry for hegemony between the US and Russian governments and in particular the US’s attempts to maintain its position as number one imperialist through the expansion of the NATO alliance right to Russia’s border.

  • End the war NOW!

    • Russian troops out!

    • Stop US support for fascism and militarism in Ukraine!

    • No to NATO “No Fly Zone”, the next step towards an inter-imperialist nuclear World War!

    • Dismantle NATO to demilitarize Europe!

    • Welcome ALL refugees, regardless of nationality, political belief or visa status!

  • Stand with anti-war activists in Ukraine, Russia and around the world demanding an end to NATO, Russian troops out, sovereignty and peace for the people of Ukraine and the Donbas, and no more foreign intervention!

  • End the crackdown and violence against genuine peace advocates! Release all political prisoners!

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