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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Hands Off Cuba! End the illegal U.S. blockade NOW!

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The International Womenโ€™s Alliance, an international non-governmental organization that works to promote women’s human rights around the world, remains steadfast in its solidarity with socialist Cuba that has been defending its right to sovereignty against U.S. imperialist intervention into its internal affairs for over 60 years.
Our solidarity includes the Federation of Cuban Women that has been in the forefront of elevating gender equality inside and outside the home since its founding in 1960.
Besides untold assassination attempts on Cuban leaders and other forms of illegal imperialist sabotage, the U.S. government imposed a blockade against Cuba that began in February 1962. This inhumane act prohibits Cuba from trading with other countries to receive basic resources like food, medical supplies, and equipment. Because of the blockade, Cubans are experiencing devastating shortages of their basic necessities during a period of skyrocketing coronavirus cases worldwide. For instance Cuba cannot import syringes to assist with coronavirus vaccines and other medical needs for its population of 11 million people.
As the Venceremos Brigade said in a July 12 public statement, โ€œThe Biden administration is instigating a soft-coup in Cuba fueled by their continuation of Trump-era anti-Cuba policies on one hand and on the other hand releasing โ€˜neutralโ€™ statements denying responsibility for the current shortages and blackouts. In 2020 alone, Biden dispersed $250 million to fund โ€˜subversionโ€™ in Cuba.โ€
The Cuban Revolution has been an inspiration to poor and oppressed peoples including women and gender oppressed for many decades who continue to fight for a world free from all forms of oppression and bigotry, which stems from capitalist and imperialist greed for profits.
In response to the recent U.S.-backed, anti-government demonstrations in Cuba, Granma, the official voice of the Communist Party of Cubaโ€™s Central Committee, stated on July 13, โ€œEnemies of the Revolution want to take advantage of our problems to apply the social unrest formula they have used in other countries; but with Cuba there are no formulas that work.โ€
The IWA joins the chorus of millions globally to demand: โ€œLet Cuba Liveโ€, โ€œEnd the Illegal U.S. Blockade NOW!โ€, โ€œSolidarity Forever!โ€

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