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Thursday, February 2, 2023

International Community Mobilizes to Support the End of the US-Duterte Regime

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“The democratic and freedom loving forces of the world will not tolerate nor accept someone who has committed grave abuse of power and crimes against humanity. The international community will stand by the Filipino people’s struggle, just like it did during the fight against the Marcos regime”, says International League of People’s Struggle General Secretary, Liza Maza.
In a show of international solidarity with the Filipino people, a global day of action calling for an end to the US-Duterte regime is happening across the world.
In 12 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific, coordinated protests are being organized and conducted from Sept 19 to Sept 21.
Street protests and programs will be conducted in several key cities of the US, Canada, and Australia. Meanwhile in Europe, France, Belgium, and Italy, activities are also set to take place. On the other hand, online protests will happen in Hong Kong, Macau, London, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, South America, and the UAE.
Different investigative bodies have found reason to push for cases against the US-Duterte regime with respect to its human rights violations. The ICC, the Bachelet report, and InvestigatePh have all come up with the reports that show significant attacks against the people through the “War on Drugs”, the attacks on human rights defenders, and attacks on progressive movements.
Human rights violations and a bungled and corrupt COVID-19 pandemic response has pushed the Filipino people up the wall. In response to this, the Filipino people have formed a broad movement calling for an ouster.
“The US-Dutere regime remains to be a tool for the continuation of imperialism and people’s oppression. Its fall and the people’s justice enacted is an imperative if we are to push for a blow to imperialist powers across the globe. That is why the international community is mobilizing in solidarity with the Filipino people and are one with the call to oust a tyrannical regime like Duterte’s”, ends Maza.
September 21 marks former President Ferdinand Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law in the country. The mobilization on this day will mark the Philippines’ continuing fight and rejection of fascist regimes, including the Duterte regime. ###

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