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stories of peoples' struggles

Thursday, February 2, 2023

The Groundswell

Groundswell is the global solidarity news platform for peopleโ€™s organizations and progressives from the ground up. We intend to publish stories which are largely ignored or faked in the mainstream media. We are the poorโ€™s publicist.

Amid a severe global crisis aggravated by the Covid pandemic, the peopleโ€™s life and death struggles are our utmost concern. We urgently need international solidarity, sharing and collective action in these most trying times.

Despite severe constraints, we strive to abide by the strictest journalist ethics. We stick to the facts. We are not swayed by the rich nor silenced by the powerful. We deliver news and features reflecting the truth in peopleโ€™s struggles.

We are not against business. We need trade and markets. What we cannot condone is the exploitation of labor and resources, the impoverishment of the 99 percent and the devastation of the environment .

We are gender fair and feel strongly against racism, fascism, militarism and religious intolerance. We stand for liberation struggles โ€” from Palestine and Kurdistan to the Philippines, from Africa to Latin America. We stand for peopleโ€™s sovereignty โ€” from Venezuela to the Korean Peninsula. We are critical of policies from Washington and Beijing, of the IMF-World Bank and the WTO, of every tyrant and reign of terror.

We are Groundswell. With mass-based peopleโ€™s support, we can be a wellspring of hope. As Black Lives Matter puts it succinctly: this is not a moment, this a movement.

We invite everyone to share their voice in this common endeavor. Subscribe, share and contribute. Be part of the Groundswell.