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Thursday, February 2, 2023

U.S. moving into a deeper and deeper crisis

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The dangerous events being witnessed in the United States today are a clear demonstration of the deep nature of the crisis faced by world capitalism, and in particular U.S Imperialism.

In the United States, they have the most profitable, most heavily armed, most dominant capitalist power in history and yet the problems it faces continue to deteriorate without let up. It is in serious decline.

The U.S. is facing endless wars and war preparations, wage and income reduction for the mass of the people, an on-going loss of jobs offshore, rising competition from other big powers, and a growing gulf and inequality between rich and poor.

It uses an entrenched racism which divides the working class and prevents the unity of the people required to fight effectively for civilized wages and conditions and civilized social conditions.

It has a health system which is too costly for millions of people and which is being demonstrated to be totally inadequate yet again, by the current pandemic.

Millions of its people go to bed hungry every night and millions live in fear, due to insecure jobs, while the rich get richer and richer.

Pollution of the environment and global warming is intensifying due to profit driven activities.

War and war preparations for foreign conquests to enrich the U.S wealthy, are a continuing massive. drain on the U.S people.

A crisis in its election system has erupted due to the fact that the two major parties are on the nose amongst voters, and this is encouraging the fascist forces aligned to Trump to attempt a coup and insurrection to take control.

The fascist forces led by Trump, his Republican allies and the right wing capitalist media, have lied and covered up and this has led to the growth of the fascist forces and armed groups, by fanning the flames of racism, xenophobia and right wing nationalism.

As is clear, Trump, the fascists and the right wing media prepared the insurrection by their false claims about the elections, by their support for the fascist elements organizations, and by the fact that the police and security forces were so non responsive and inadequate, despite being well aware of the planning for the invasion of congress.

The fascist forces made no secret of the fact that they were aiming to prevent the proper authorization of the elections by attempting the takeover of congress and the use of force and violence to do it.

As has been recognized by many, can we believe that the same lack of police and military response would have existed if it was the left, or the black lives matter people, that organized such a take-over.

Of course if the fascist forces are successful in taking over eventually, the problems of racism, hunger, unemployment, costly and inadequate health care, pollution and constant war and war preparations will continue. These are a direct result of the policies and direction of the U.S. ruling class, the wealthy one percent.

What is more whilst the people get poorer and more insecure and the millionaires and billionaires get richer and richer, it is clearer than ever, that whether the fascist corporate right takes over or not, the fundamentals of the capitalist crisis will not change.

Make no mistake, even though the fascist coup failed this time, it may not next time. The crisis of the system of imperialism gets deeper and deeper and the millionaires and billionaires will do anything to make sure their profit making system will not be lost. If they believe that fascist control is the answer, then that is what they will try to do. The fascist project will not be considered dead by Trump, his fascists, by the right wing capitalist media and commentators, and others.

The situation is crying out for a growing unity between all of the working class, regardless of racial background, to fight for improved wages and working conditions, jobs, fair acceptable social conditions, and real peoples democracy.

Democracy of and for the people, which means not only the guaranteed right to vote, but the right to take part in the governing and operation of the state by the people themselves, so that the peoplesโ€™ ย democratic rights, human rights and social conditions are protected and continue to improve.

A real peoplesโ€™ democracy, which means that instead of the current state and state agencies ย (bureaucracies, police, military, legal system, etc), running the country for and on behalf of the rich 1%, the peoples agencies should replace them and run the country on behalf of the people. That is, have a real peoplesโ€™ democracy to replace the so-called โ€œdemocracyโ€ of the millionaires and billionaires.

We should support the growing unity of the people aimed at changing the world from one of profit and greed to one for the common good, for social progress and for real peoplesโ€™ democracy.

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