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Monday, February 26, 2024

7 July 2021 – Migratory flows in the Americas/Flujos migratorios en las Américas

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Large flows of migrants are constantly crossing the American continent. Increasing numbers of people are forced to leave their homes due to a variety of factors, inter alia, poverty, unemployment, repression, violence, war and natural disasters.

As in other regions of the world, during their long journeys, migrants face all kinds of risks and suffering. And at the end of the journey, instead of finding work, shelter and freedom, they encounter walls, barbed wire fences, militarized borders, arbitrary detentions, pushbacks, collective expulsions, ill-treatment, xenophobia, discrimination, exploitation and many other serious violations of their most basic human rights.

What are the root causes of these migratory flows? What are the major obstacles to the full enjoyment of human rights by these migrants and refugees?

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