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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines


Threat of Magnitsky-style sanctions stings Malacañang

MEDIA RELEASE April 2, 2022 “The global civil society coalition ICHRP launched its ‘Dirty Dozen’ campaign for targeted sanctions against top Philippine government officials on March...

ICHRP calls for ICC INVESTIGATION OF Duterte’s CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY to proceed without delay

‘Temporary Suspension of ICC investigation rewards Duterte and further victimizes those who gave evidence in support of ICC probe ’global coalition on human rights. ICHRP...

ICHRP marks 1st Anniversary of the Assassination of peace consultant Randall Echanis: A year on, Duterte’s war on the Peace Process is painfully clear

August 10, 2021 – The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines marks the one-year anniversary of the torture and assassination of Randall...

Human rights advocates rebuff President Duterte’s malicious comments to UN General Assembly

"The tone adopted by President Duterte in his speech to the UN General Assembly was properly moderate and constructive, but the substance contained the...

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