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stories of peoples' struggles

Monday, February 26, 2024
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Menchani Tilendo, Bulatlat.com


Paris Commune at 150: Reliving lessons of the revolution

March of this year marks the 150th anniversary of the historic Paris Commune. A lot has been said and theorized on the ‘failures’ and...

The Indian peoples’ historic uprising needs global support

The aggravating authoritarian regime of Prime Minister Nahendra Modi has led to the unprecedented historic march in November 2020 of over 300,000 farmer-led protesters...

Political imprisonment is a worldwide repression that demands worldwide resistance

MANILA — The struggle for genuine freedom and exercise of democratic rights in different parts of the world has become more challenging with the...

No calm before the storm: How foreign environmental plunder triggered disastrous PH typhoons

MANILA — The onslaught of typhoon Ulysses (international name: Vamco)) on November 12 came at a time when the victims of typhoon Rolly (international...

Why the Kurdistan struggle should be a global struggle

“This is not just a Kurdish problem. This is a problem artificially created by the imperialist European states, mainly Britain and France, after the...

This October, the world fights for Palestine

“The colonialists called Palestinians, who were driven out of their homeland as ‘terrorists’, while they won’t admit that Zionist occupation is the peak of...

Cuba’s revolutionary health care system at the forefront against COVID-19

MANILA — As the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in the world rise to about 500,000, health care systems in most of the countries...

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