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Boycott the Zionist Colonial Elections and the Oslo authority

Boycott the Zionist Colonial Elections and the Oslo authority

The liberation struggle does not take place with the legalization of Oslo or the colonialist. The Preparatory Committee for the “Alternative Path Conference” calls for a boycott of the Zionist colonial elections and the Oslo authority

The Preparatory Committee for the “Alternative Palestinian Path” Conference called on the masses of our people in colonial Palestine to reject and boycott the so-called “presidential and legislative elections” called for by the Oslo Authority for poor self-government, calling at the same time our people in the occupied interior since 1948 to boycott the elections to the enemy’s parliament. The Knesset ”.

In a position paper, the committee emphasized that democracy under the bayonets of colonialism, as in the case of the Palestinian Authority, is nothing more than a big lie and legitimization of the disastrous Oslo project, and that what some call “the parliamentary struggle through participation in the Knesset” is nothing more than a legitimization of the colonialist and an obscure of the settler colonial system and the approach of replacement and oppression. And racism.

The committee added that our people in all places of their presence are aware that these leaderships have produced the fragmentation over displacement, diaspora and fragmentation imposed by colonialism, and that holding elections under the colonialists’ spears will only result in further fragmentation, submission and deviation from the liberation line, considering that the drift behind the political class allied with The economic mediators of colonialism and its security agents are no longer acceptable, neither patriotic nor in the immediate sense of conciliation.

And she considered that the purpose of the Oslo Authority elections to be held is to seize national legitimacy through more piracy, buying time and misleading to reproduce the settlement-liquidation project according to the Madrid-Oslo tracks, stressing that portraying the elections by this political class as the entrance to national unity is nothing but a lie Misleading intended to implicate our people once again in permitting the quota system and renewing loyalty and pledges to the leaders of defeat and surrender.

And she stressed that the alleged consensus is nothing but an agreement to present credentials to the new American president, Joe Biden, to return to the absurd path of Oslo under the eyes of all forces and factions, sending a message to these leaders that national unity does not exclude more than half of our people, and it is not unique. In the national decision, and not by sharing the gains and privileges of Oslo granted to the defeated; National unity is in the fields of work, struggle and confrontation with the colonialists.

It showed that elections are taking place under the spears of colonialism and within the framework of Oslo and the devastation and defeats it brought, inevitably resulting in leaders and programs whose ceiling is the consent of the colonialists and the countries of the colonial West, pointing out that the Palestinian experience is witness to this.

She added that any elections that are controlled by the ruled in Oslo and their regional and international links and alliances, which are inherently opposed to the People’s Liberation Movement, will certainly not produce a liberation program, and thus will not be in the interest of our people, who are most in need of a national strategy that would restore their status and dignity and raise the values ​​of liberation and willingness to sacrifice.

On the other hand, the Preparatory Committee considered that participation in the parliament of the Zionist colonial enemy, even if it was aimed at opposition, is nothing but a contribution to perpetuating the colonial system, and acquitting the entity from its crimes at the very least, and from a principled and strategic point of view, participation in the Zionist parliament elections is not merely legitimizing Colonialism and its endorsement of its claim to democracy and respect for human rights is not only a challenge to the national and human rights discourse calling for resistance to racist Zionist colonialism, and it is a recognition of the legitimacy of an entity that only recognizes to the colonialists the right to self-determination over all of Palestine with its mandatory borders, not to mention its ongoing and ever escalating crimes and violations. Our people.

The committee concluded by affirming that the liberation struggle is not by legitimizing Oslo nor by legitimizing the colonizer, but rather in organizing oneself and working with people and by adopting effective and revolutionary forms of struggle to achieve liberation and return and build a democratic state of Palestine, calling on all Palestinian resistance factions not to reproduce the circle of failure once again and stop Running after illusions, mirage and absurdity; Emphasizing that the exit from the internal crisis is not through the so-called elections, the priority is to develop a national strategy that restores the issue to its presence and to our people their dignity, their rights to return, and self-determination.

It requires building a unified Palestinian national front in all fields and arenas, and building effective national institutions away from the Madrid-Oslo path or participating in the enemy’s political institutions and the pillars of its Zionist colonial system. ###