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stories of peoples' struggles

Thursday, February 2, 2023



Fight Military Repression, Release the Detained Leaders of the Resistance Movement and All Political Prisoners, and Assert Civilian Rule in Sudan

The Africa committee of the International League of Peopleโ€™s Struggle (ILPS-Africa), supports the struggle of the Sudanese people against military repression, for the release...

Safer roads for the Indigenous Ogoni and peopleโ€™s interest!

On July 27, Ogoni Peoples launched a blockade in the East-West Road in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria to protest the long time neglect of...

Kenneth Kaunda, salute from the peoples of Africa, West Asia and the world!

The International League of Peopleโ€™s Struggle (ILPS) in Africa and West Asia pays tribute to Kenneth David Kaunda โ€” who, as the first president...

PCFS: West Asia and North Africa #HourOfAction

WATCH: People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty solidarity webinar #HourOfAction for Palestine.

Africa in Globalization: How to explain Africa’s low share in world trade?

World trade will continue to experience severe turbulence in 2019 and 2020 after weaker than expected growth in 2018, due to rising trade tensions...

Zambia: growing condemnation vs. political repression

On August 22, Dr. Cosmas Musumali -- a German-educated economist, general secretary of the Socialist Party of Zambia (SP) and a progressive intellectual and...

Arrested Kenyan activists to speak out against police brutality, crackdown during 30th year Saba Saba protest

by ILPS Kenya July 9, 2020 - All 56 Kenyan activists arrested last Tuesday were now released by the police and are willing to narrate...

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