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Thursday, February 2, 2023


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The International League of Peoples Struggles (ILPS), condemns in the most vigorous fashion, the latest attacks on the organisations of peopleโ€™s lawyers, and on many religious nuns, rural missionaries and others in the Philippines, and particularly in Northern Mindanao.

These peopleโ€™s lawyers, missionaries and nuns are being framed on the ridiculous, made up and baseless charges of โ€œterrorist financingโ€.

These lawyers, nuns, missionaries and others, have long been giving support and assistance to the marginalized and oppressed people of Northern Mindanao, particularly the Lumads through various programs and projects.
They have assisted indigenous people and their communities assert constitutional rights against hazardous development in their ancestral lands. These legal personnel, humanitarian and religious workers and many others, are serving the interests and welfare of the people selflessly and valiantly and for this the government is attacking them on trumped up charges.

The ILPS calls on its hundreds of affiliated mass organizations and its organizations of supporting networks across the globe, to protest against the Philippines government in the strongest possible terms, and to condemn it for the latest blatant attacks on the human rights of the Filipino people, and particularly the people of Mindanao and the people who work for them, and help them.

The baseless charge of โ€œterrorist financingโ€ is just part of the many attempts to weaken the work on behalf of the advance of the peopleโ€™s rights in Northern Mindanao.

We call on the ILPS membership and others to take action now. Thank you.

Signed by:

Len Cooper
ILPS Chairperson
August 18, 2022

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