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Monday, February 26, 2024

Defend Filipino Farmers and Fisherfolk! Condemn the Violent Demolition in Patungan! Stand in Solidarity against Greed and Reaction!

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In Sitio Patungan, Cavite, Philippines, an estimated 300+ families are bound to lose their homes and livelihood amid an impending demolition carried out by the partnership of Virata’s MTV Realty Corp and the banking and property tycoon Sy family. The MTV Realty Corporation claims ownership of the land and says to have already sold it to the late Henry Sy. The Sy-owned Manila Southcoast Development Corporation has plans to convert it as an extension of their beach resort in Nasugbu, Batangas, a neighboring province of Cavite.

January 12, 2021, the Philippine National Police started manning the community, thus signaling the forthcoming demolition. The following day, residents came face to face with the demolition team hired by the capitalists who claim ownership of the land. Tensions grew stronger and violence arose, leaving 4 locals wounded after the police fired indiscriminately at the locals protesting the said demolition.

CALABARZON, a region in the Luzon island of the Philippines where Sitio Patungan is located, is currently under what the government refers to as “Alert Level 3” after a significant rise in COVID-19 cases and has been on and off with successive lockdowns for 2 years. Despite economic woes, a major health crisis, and the government’s failure to address the people’s needs, demolitions like the one in Sitio Patungan are still carried out, while the Duterte government turns a blind eye on the dire situation of the workers and peasants. Governments and businesses take advantage of the vulnerable situation of the people to push their agenda of extracting maximum profits even if it means violently infringing the basic rights of the people.

The Sitio Patungan situation is concrete evidence of how businessmen and reactionary governments work hand in hand to secure their interests for power and profit. The looming crisis of capitalism and imperialism brings out the most iniquitous nature of the ruling classes, often resorting to the most inhumane and unimaginable acts in the name of profit.

Indigenous Peoples around the world, much like the fisherfolk and farmers of Sitio Patungan, often face very similar situations– land-grabbing, being evicted from their homes, and violent acts carried out by greedy capitalists. Community initiatives such as schools, clinics, livelihood programs, and churches are torn down by fascist governments. IP and other oppressed sectors must unite among these issues and resist a common enemy. People of the world must stand against the greed of capitalism and fascist reaction, stand in solidarity with all oppressed classes, and link arms with the international proletarian movement to dismantle the oppressive systems that rule us.


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