Home Asia Migrante International slams P 1.3 Billion OFW premiums lost to fraud

Migrante International slams P 1.3 Billion OFW premiums lost to fraud

Migrante International slams P 1.3 Billion OFW premiums lost to fraud

A former Philhealth auditor bared yesterday during the House probe on Philhealth corruption that at least 2.7 Million OFWs lost their premiums amounting to Php 1.3 Billion to another fraudulent scheme.

Four years into the Duterte regime, Philhealth officials under investigation for possible collusion with private recruitment agencies have not shown signs of remorse for this massive plunder. This scam has been going on for years but we are yet to see a top Philhealth executive face conviction and be placed behind bars. Setting sight at the tremendous amount of OFW money these crooks can potentially pocket, we can’t help but ask if this is the reason why President Duterte was adamant at imposing the mandatory Philhealth exaction and premium rate hike embedded in his Universal Healthcare Act? 

OFWs are outraged that aside from being treated by the regime as milking cows, they are being robbed in broad daylight through legalized ‘kotong.’ Migrante International rejects another move to grant emergency power to Duterte to deal with Philhealth mess when he himself has been the source of all these troubles by inflicting more agonies upon OFWs, many of whom are now repatriates who did not receive regular medical and psychosocial services during their confinement in quarantine facilities.

President Duterte has not only bled our pockets dry but he continues to wallow in his stubbornness by declaring his trust and confidence in recycled officials tainted with corruption complaints namely Health secretary Francisco Duque III and former Philhealth chief Ricardo Morales, one of Duterte’s military cronies.

Filipinos can no longer subscribe to a privately-dominated paid healthcare system packed by thieves running wildly about with ill-gotten cash. A government that prioritizes the private wealth of its corrupt cronies over public health does not deserve our forbearance but our utmost detestation. #

Article published by Migrante International on September 3, 2020.