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No to occupation and genocide! We will defend women and life!


The Turkish state has played the biggest role in prolonging the crisis since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, and its intervention has had a significant impact on the changing political and military developments on the ground. The aspiration for a new Ottoman  Empire and the pursuit of their strategic interests on Syrian soil are obvious.

As the situation developed, it became clear that the Turkish state was not only instrumentalizing the conflict in Syria, but was itself one of the forces that caused and deepened the conflict. The Turkish state has interfered in Syrian affairs since the beginning of the Syrian conflict on March 15, 2011, and the methods of intervention have developed and taken new forms over time.

Furthermore, Turkey plays most destabilizing role in all conferences and attempts to solve the Syrian crisis, for example in the conferences in Geneva, Sochi and Astana, where the Turkish state uses the pretext of ending the war to take control over parts of Syria, which they filled with armed jihadist militias acting as their proxy forces under their protection. Turkey’s role and interests in the war against the Syrian peoples became clear in the attack on the cities of Bab, Ezaz, Cerabuluss, Afrîn, Girê Spî and Serê Kaniyê under various names such as “Euphrates Shield”, “Olive Branch” and “Peace Spring”. These regions were occupied and numerous military operations were initiated. These operations were covertly supported by Russia because Turkey, too, was acting according to its interests.

The Turkish occupying state’s relations with the mercenary groups, which have used many different names over the years and are on international terror lists, can no longer be hidden. Especially the groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra and IS, which Turkey has supported from the beginning and at all levels and still does. There have been other groups formed directly under the supervision of the Turkish state to carry out measures of Turkification, ethnic and cultural genocide, demographic change and forced migration in the occupied territories.

Moreover, these terrorist gangs have committed murder, rape, robbery, theft, destruction of land, uprooting of trees and burning of agricultural land. These attacks, which are based on a sexist consciousness of the patriarchal hegemony, are directed against women in order to stifle the women’s struggle for freedom. Every day we see these attacks on an international level, though the style of of them varies from state to state. But this is a hegemony that attacks the existence of women and tries to create a threat to society and nature.

The people in our regions have witnessed these crimes, which must not be forgotten, especially the violence and crimes against women and our rights. Rape, murder, kidnapping, arrests, and exploitation of women in the most brutal way, femicide, violation of their will and undermining their struggle, the murder of Hevrin Xelef, Mother Amine, the desecration of the body of Amara and many others are part of the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation and its gangs. The recent attacks on Zehra, Hebûn and Mother Amine in the village of Hilincê in Kobanê happened right before our eyes. These operations, which are directed against politically and socially active women, are aimed at the women’s liberation movement and its affiliated organizations. These cruel practices underline the Turkish state’s fear of the role that women play in leading the revolution and defending its achievements.

The Turkish occupying state poses a threat to the security of the already occupied regions and others areas. A new humanitarian crisis could arise in Syria, especially after internationally banned weapons were used to massacre people in Syria and increase the destruction of Syrian territory. The remnants of the devastation and looting are not over yet. Attempts have been made to destroy the peaceful and communal life between Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Turkmen, Circassians and Yezidis, who represent the project of the democratic nation.

We must be aware of the danger of the Turkish state, and we must fight the crimes of the Erogan’s fascist regime that threaten the freedom of women and the achievements of the revolution so that there are no more wars and massacres. The attacks of the Turkish state are a heavy blow for the coexistence of the peoples, ethnic groups, and cultures in Syria #WeDefendWomenAndLife and prevent a political solution project that brings peace and security in Syria based on the coexistence and freedom of the peoples of Syria. At the same time, the Turkish state uses the international silence of NATO and pursues its own interests. The Turkish state is even more dangerous than the IS.

In summary, the crimes that the Turkish state and its gangs have committed against the peoples here, on Syrian soil and in the cities, include war crimes and crimes against  humanity, ranging from ethnic genocide and massacres to forced migration and forced demographic change. Sooner or later the Turkish state must be held accountable and prosecuted. Today we, from women’s organizations, movements, associations and institutions, are launching this campaign to denounce the Turkish state’s mentality of genocide and disenfranchisement of women and human rights, so that our voice is heard all over the world.

While women on the one hand are still fighting for our rights and dignity, on the other hand we make sure that all efforts of the Turkish state are thwarted. With the unity and solidarity of women, we will build a strong force together which will resist all attempts of genocide, alienation and racism, and will defeat the occupation. There are many activities and actions that will take place in Northern and Eastern Syria. We call on all the international organizations and institutions that are responsible to break from their shameful silence about the crimes committed in Northern Syria, to play an active role and to abide by existing legal, humanitarian and moral principles and laws. Every moment of silence is a sign of hostile involvement.

We call upon the international organizations and institutions responsible, especially those concerned with the protection of human and women’s rights, to play their role in documenting crimes and prosecuting the perpetrators. We call on the UN Security Council and the international community to force the Turkish state to withdraw its armed forces from Syria and to stop its attacks, as they break international law and endanger the security and stability of the region and the world.

We call on all women’s organizations and movements around the world to show solidarity with and support the Women’s Revolution, because its achievements are the achievements of all women around the world. This revolution must be defended, just as the QSD, YPG, YPJ and HSNB must be defended and supported because they fought against dark forces (IS) in the place of the whole world and protected humanity from their attacks.

No to genocide and occupation! We will defend women and life!
Jin, jiyan, azadi!