Home Asia US, South Korean and International Civil Society Organizations call for the suspension of US-ROK Combined Military Exercises

US, South Korean and International Civil Society Organizations call for the suspension of US-ROK Combined Military Exercises

US, South Korean and International Civil Society Organizations call for the suspension of US-ROK Combined Military Exercises

Civil society organizations in the United States, South Korea, and around the world, call on President Biden to suspend the annual US-South Korea (ROK) combined military exercises. Suspending these costly and highly provocative war exercises will be a crucial step toward re-starting genuine diplomacy with North Korea (DPRK). It will also remove a formidable obstacle to a peaceful resolution of the ongoing 70-year-old Korean War and allow all parties to focus on other intractable global issues facing our nations today, such as creating a nuclear weapons-free world and resolving the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In the mid-1950s, just after the Korean War, the US and ROK began combined military exercises that prepare for war with North Korea. In the 1970s, the drills developed into large-scale exercises that mobilize considerable weapons and equipment and involve US troops stationed outside the Korean peninsula. Since the 2000s, they have been based on operation plans that reportedly include preemptive strikes and “decapitation measures” against the North Korean leadership. Due to their scale and provocative nature, the annual US-ROK combined exercises have long been a trigger point for military and political tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Past combined military exercises have included the deployment of B-2 bombers (which are designed to drop nuclear bombs), nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines, as well as the firing of long-range artillery and other weapons. These exercises not only heighten tensions on the Korean Peninsula, they have cost US taxpayers billions of dollars and have caused irreparable harm to local residents and the environment in South Korea.

At a time when the world is facing urgent humanitarian, environmental, and economic crises, these military exercises divert critically needed resources away from things that provide true human security, such as healthcare, a sustainable environment, and other priorities. Furthermore, they heighten geopolitical tensions and risk re-igniting a hot war on the Korean Peninsula, which would have catastrophic consequences for millions of people.

“We want peace talks, not war drills and military confrontation. We urge the Biden administration to resolve the root cause of the conflict between the United States and North Korea, the unresolved Korean War, which has driven a dangerous arms race, harmed the most vulnerable people through punishing sanctions, and enforced the tragic separation of hundreds of thousands of Korean families. Continuing to rely on isolation, pressure, and coercion to force North Korea’s unilateral denuclearization is a recipe for failure”, said in their statement.

To that end, suspending the combined military exercises would be a major confidence-building measure toward renewing diplomacy to resolve the longstanding 70-year-old conflict with North Korea and, ultimately, achieve permanent peace and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.###


Please endorse: International Statement “Calling for the Suspension of US-ROK Combined Military Exercises”

Please join us to call on President-elect Biden to suspend the annual US-ROK (South Korea) war drills, to give peace a chance. To re-open the path to peace on the Korean Peninsula, we are calling for the suspension of large-scale combined military drills conducted annually by the US and South Korea.

(Scroll down for the statement.) This statement was written by a collaboration of US and South Korean peace groups, and you will be joining many colleagues in the US, South Korea, and around the world to amplify our very urgent call. It will be sent to President Biden on January 26, 2021.

We are seeking organizational endorsements (not individuals) by no later than Friday, January 22, 2021. If your organization will join us, please submit your information below.

US: Korea Peace Campaign of Veterans for Peace; Korea Peace Network; Korea Peace Now! Grassroots Network; Peace Treaty Now; Women Cross DMZ. International: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. ROK: Civil Peace Forum; Korean Women’s Movement for Peace; South Korean Committee on June 15th Joint Declaration.