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Saturday, May 8, 2021
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GSN Correspondent


EDITORIAL | Three-Finger Salute to the Myanmar People

Many observers agree: it is not the February 1 military coup that’s surprising in the recent events in Myanmar. What’s surprising, and inspiring, is...

On World Health Day: Women suffer from poor healthcare response and financial chaos

As we celebrate World Health Day today, it is a must to remember that such an event is gendered in as much as it...

EDITORIAL | Working Women Amidst the Pandemic

March 8 of this year is the first International Working Women’s Day after the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the peoples of the world. How has...

EDITORIAL | Corporate Takeover of India’s Agriculture

Rihanna may have called the attention of many, but what’s happening in India is a story familiar to the peoples of the world. The farmers...

No to EastMed, Stand with Palestine: The EastMed fossil imperialist project and solidarity with the Palestinian resistance

While the liberation struggles of the oppressed and exploited have always been struggles over material resources and over what relations humans should have with...

Myanmar military should end its use of violence and respect democracy

The undersigned groups today denounced an apparent coup in Myanmar, and associated violence, which has suspended civilian government and effectively returned full power to...

Offering Itself as a Weapon

In August 2020, social justice activists and progressive writers and journalists belonging to grassroots and non-governmental organizations from countries in the Global South launched...

WATCH: Online conference on the 200th birth anniversary of Friedrich Engels.

The irony of this so-called Human Rights Summit is not lost on human rights advocates, victims of human rights violations and the general public. As...

The International Situation 2019-2020: New Crises, Stronger Resistance

IBON International's "The International Situation 2019-2020: New Crises, Stronger Resistance" is OUT NOW! Read and download it FOR FREE here: https://bit.ly/3eaBg3V "The current context of multiple...

IN PHOTOS: ILPS Latin America protests for National Day to Fight IMF and Indebtedness

LOOK: ILPS Latin America joins the National Day to Fight IMF and Indebtedness

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