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Call for the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War!

Call for the International Day of Struggle against Fascism and War!

The competition for influence and supremacy in the world between the leading imperialist powers USA, China, Russia and the EU is visibly increasing. Proxy wars like in Syria, Libya, Ukraine or in the Sahel zone can become a direct military clash of the imperialist great powers. The danger of a third world war is increasing dramatically. Many people are rightly concerned about this.

The victory of the Islamist-fascist Taliban in Afghanistan increases the suffering of the people. And many governments are worried above all about refugees not coming to their country.

On September 1, 1939, Hitler’s fascism in Germany unleashed World War II with the invasion of Poland, which is why this day became a day of struggle against fascism and war:

Worldwide for the unity of the workers:

For peace, friendship among peoples and international solidarity -.

“Solidarity is the tenderness of peoples” (Ernesto Che Guevara).

Economic crises, health crises (Corona) and environmental crises intensify the international battle of destruction of the imperialists and these push the militarization of society further, both internally and with their foreign policy.

Worldwide, expenses for arms and rearmament are rising to gigantic heights, although money is urgently needed for the fight against poverty and for health care.

The suppression of the forces of peace continues: Any opposition and alternatives are aggressively fought. In the Philippines, killer squads are being sent after union officials and communist resistance fighters. In Germany and many other countries, the communist ideology of freedom is criminalized. Stefan Engel, as a Marxist-Leninist, was branded a dangerous person for years. Anti-communist agitation pours out through countless channels.

Restrictions on the freedom of demonstration, speech and assembly are pushed worldwide. Not infrequently, the Corona pandemic is used as a justification. But despite the aggravated conditions, workers’ and people’s struggles are increasing worldwide.

Therefore: Out on the streets against war preparations and imperialist warmongers!

Let us unite as workers and employees worldwide and fight for a world without exploitation and oppression.

Especially the well organized workforces in the worldwide automobile production with suppliers and their families are challenged to become active and to organize.

Strengthen the International Automotive Workers’ Coordination for solidarity and coordination of struggles!

No anti-communist repression of militant unions and their activists! No persecution on the basis of ideology!

For a complete, universal and legal right to strike and free trade union activity!

Ban of all fascist organizations and their propaganda! – Against any kind of racism!

For the ban and destruction of all weapons of mass destruction!

Immediate stop of arms exports to crisis regions! Against militarization and armament for genocide!