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Restore the constitutional order in Cyprus now!

Restore the constitutional order in Cyprus now!

Cyprus is a country that is being ruled against its own constitution. The consociational order of the Cypriot Republic was destroyed three years after its independence, due to the 1963-64 constitutional crisis.

As Union of Cypriots, we see the restoration of the constitutional order as the only way to solve the “Cyprus deadlock” and end the occupation. The legal democratic structure of the island is the only way for Cypriots to determine their own future without the presence of foreign powers.

In the previous days, the Greek-speaking Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades stated that:

“…the Greek Cypriot community insists and is therefore fully prepared to accept the restoration of constitutional order with the return of the Turkish Cypriots, both to the executive, the legislature, the judiciary and the and the rest of the Services, under the provisions of the 1960 Constitution…”

Union of Cypriots is the only movement that campaigns in an organized manner for the restoration of the constitutional order in Cyprus. And as a movement, our stance regarding the rhetoric used by the Greek-speaking Cypriot leadership is clear. The restoration of the constitutional order of a state cannot be a bargaining chip for any political group. Constitutional orders are the foundations of the states and protecting them is the first responsibility of the governments. We would like to repeat that restoring the constitutional order is the only way for delegitimizing Turkey’s existence in Cyprus and its puppet regime in the occupied northern areas of the island, in the eyes of the world community.



03.08.2020 – As Union of Cypriots, we do believe that for reinforcing our unitary republic, a pluralist democracy should be the ultimate goal for all Cypriots. But unlike federalists or other segregationists in our land, we are aware of the urgency of ending the Turkish occupation and we believe that the only way to delegitimize Turkey’s existence in our island is possible by “restoring the constitutional order in Cyprus”. Therefore, we advocate the idea that even if Cypriots want to decide to change the system of the government, it should be done democratically under the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, after getting rid of Turkey’s illegal army and settlers.

The Republic of Cyprus, constitutionally, is a “consociational” state of Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots. But, this term is almost forgotten even by the people and groups who pretend to be republican, and today, unfortunately, all we hear is the empty talks and ideologies of federalists and enosists. Therefore, we have to learn and promote consociationalism if we want a “unitary” Cyprus and the continuity of the Republic of Cyprus against all separatist and segregationist solutions.

Consociationalism is a form of government that provides the representation of different political-social groups in a state administration, especially based on preventing conflicts that can be created by the differences between these groups.

It is also used in terms of power-sharing. Consociationalism is a form of government that has emerged to reconcile the social fragmentation caused by differences in society.

When we say “groups” it does not necessarily represent a nationally segregationist meaning. For instance, the Netherlands, as an officially consociational state, was until 1967 divided into four “non-territorial” elements: Socialists, Calvinists, Catholics, and Liberals (others).

Consociationalism’s purpose is to share power, improve democracy and avoid violence to ensure the stability of the states, especially unitary ones.

Consociational democracy can be defined by four typical features. The first and most important feature is the establishment of a “big coalition” government from certain parts of the society.

The other three basic elements are; the mutual veto right of the groups constituting the coalition, the right to benefit from all rights proportionally and the highest level of autonomy for each part of the society.

As Union of Cypriots, we see consociationalism, the “unitary” Republic of Cyprus, and its constitution as the solution to the Cyprus problem.

If we want to talk about the illegality of the status-quo or the occupation, we have to defend what is “legal”. And if Cypriots tell the world that what is “legal” is not applicable anymore, this only legalizes the “status-quo” until the so-called “new solutions”.

The constitution of the Republic of Cyprus states that Cyprus is a country with:

• Greek-speaking Cypriot President and Turkish-speaking Cypriot Vice President with veto power
• Greek and Turkish as official languages
• 70 percent of the parliament, cabinet, government and law enforcement officers made from Greek-speaking Cypriots, and 30 percent from Turkish-speaking Cypriots
• 60 percent of its army made from Greek-speaking Cypriots and 40 percent of it Turkish-speaking Cypriots

Consociationalism is the legal democratic system of Cyprus and only way to keep Cyprus unitary. Therefore, defending and promoting it is the “national cause” for all Cypriots who are fighting to liberate our homeland!

It is clear that for Cypriots there are and will be only two options. The first one is the continuity of the Republic of Cyprus and the second one is the foreign-powers-backed segregation and separation plans until Turkey decides to occupy the rest of Cyprus. Believing in the other fantasies will only ease the way to the second option.

As Union of Cypriots, we will continue our fight to protect the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the Cypriots’ national flag, which was gifted to us by the Turkish-speaking Cypriot İsmet Güney in 1960.

Cyprus for Cypriots!
Union of Cypriots