Home Editorial ‘Federation tale’ is over – it’s time to restore the ‘Cypriot Republic’

‘Federation tale’ is over – it’s time to restore the ‘Cypriot Republic’

‘Federation tale’ is over – it’s time to restore the ‘Cypriot Republic’

Union of Cypriots is following the reactions of Turkish officials about the United Nations General Secretary António Guterres’s proposal for 5+1 (Greek-speaking Cypriots, Turkish-speaking Cypriots, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom and United Nations) meeting for solving the Cyprus problem.

Turkey’s desire of leaving the federation talks behind and starting negotiating about a two-state solution for Cyprus is what we were expecting and warning the world about.

As we always say, “federation” was just a game that Turkey played to earn time to conclude its colonization in the occupied areas of Cyprus. Now, what we have is over a million of illegal Turkish settlers, tens of thousands of Turkish military personnel and half of our homeland fully exploited. It is the fault of Greek-speaking and Turkish-speaking Cypriots who played Turkey’s federation game for more than four decades and allowed it to achieve what it had always planned. Now, Turkey passed the “federation era” and it will be the biggest mistake of Cypriots to stick in this era and continue playing Turkey’s game.

There is only one solution for Cypriots to delegitimize Turkey’s existence in Cyprus. It is the restoration of the constitutional order that was destroyed in the 1963-64 crisis, and turning back to the unitary and consociational Republic of Cyprus. For this, the Greek-speaking Cypriot administration has to give the Turkish-speaking Cypriots’ constitutional rights back and the Turkish-speaking Cypriots have to show their will to turn back to the Republic. Then, it will be the time for all Cypriots to determine their own destiny under their legitimate constitution, in their homeland, without the existence of Turkey and the illegal Turkish settlers.

All the other scenarios will only help Turkey to earn more time to achieve its real goal, a Turkish island of Cyprus.

As Union of Cypriots, we will continue carrying the banner of the liberation struggle to reach a unitary Cyprus!

Cyprus for Cypriots!
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Originally published by Union of Cypriots on September 18, 2020.