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A divergent war | Tomorrow

Today, we are bound by a shared sense of uncertainty. Much of what we took for granted has changed forever. Many of us have lost loved ones to this pandemic.
In the Philippines, these agonizing realities are made worse by the government’s Enhanced Community Quarantine, which strangles poor communities by depriving them of work, public transportation, and in many cases, an adequate supply of food.
Despite these hardships, we all have an opportunity to take control of our future by engaging with what is happening around us and taking an active role in demanding accountability from our elected leaders.
COVID-19 has blurred what tomorrow might look like, but we have the power to bring greater clarity for what lies ahead.
Volume 3 of A Divergent War: Songs for the Pandemic
Music by Fabian Obispo
Lyrics by Joi Barrios
Performed by Rafa Siguion-Reyna
Musical Direction & Accompaniment by Ejay Yatco
Sound Mixing & Mastering by Jan Levi Sanchez
Editing by Saltwater Cinema, Adjani Arumpac, and Hiyas Bagabaldo
Translation by Karen Llagas