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Monday, February 26, 2024

Lenin Lives! Lessons from the October Revolution

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Looking for a better reason to celebrate today? November 7 marks the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (October 25 on the Julian calendar). On this day in 1917, the Russian masses made history by seizing political power and establishing the first socialist state in the world.
As the decaying US empire declares a new leader, the lessons of the October Revolution continues to be relevant today in a world marked by deepening crises. Revolutionaries in the US and around the world face the urgent task of building a movement for socialism and defending the socialist perspective against monopoly capitalism, perhaps now more than ever.
Enjoy these throwback photos & graphics from the ILPS US Cultural Commemoration on the October Revolution Centennial in 2017. Let’s build the broadest united front against imperialism! Advance the struggle for democracy and socialism! Long live international solidarity!

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