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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Stop the Extremist Attacks of the Trump Regime and its Supporters

ILPS US wholly condemns the recent right-wing assaults committed in Washington D.C by the extremist and bigoted supporters of the Trump regime. These attacks...

Lenin Lives! Lessons from the October Revolution

Looking for a better reason to celebrate today? November 7 marks the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (October 25 on the Julian...

“No Coup, No Fascism!” – San Francisco Committee on Human Rights in the Philippines, ILPS US

While waiting for results to come in after election day, ILPS US and San Francisco Committee on Human Rights in the Philippines (SFHRCP) gathered...

Day of Action against La Junta and its Vultures

https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=617247812321717 Michael T, one of the coordinators of ILPS NE, spoke at the New York Boricua Resistance event, Day of Action Against la Junta and it’s Vultures.

Juneteenth to Now: Organize for Black liberation! Stand with the working class, struggle for self-determination!

On this year’s Juneteenth, ILPS US commemorates the struggle of enslaved Africans for freedom within the United States—a struggle which rages on until today.

Condemn racist state terror and U.S. imperialism’s war on Black people

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle-US Chapter (ILPS US) expresses its firmest solidarity and support to the Black liberation movement, the friends and family of George Floyd and to all of the people taking to the streets in Minneapolis and elsewhere to demand justice, accountability and an end to racist and colonial police terror.

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