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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Stop the Extremist Attacks of the Trump Regime and its Supporters

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As support for the Trump regime dwindles, and more factions of the imperialist US government distance themselves from the attacks on the 2020 presidential election, Trump and his supporters have resorted to outright lies to stoke right-wing populism amongst the masses. They do this by blaming their rival pro-Biden factions, and obscuring the fact that their imperialist economic and political system has created the crises that the masses face today. The Trump regime has backed itself into a corner. Trump and his small group of institutional supporters now represent a mafia-style clique that no longer has institutional power to enact its agenda and has resorted to seeking protection through the granting of presidential pardons.

The Trump ruling clique is losing control of the US imperialist state, the control center of fascist state violence. The full capacity of this violence has been brutally unleashed against genuine peoples’ movements who fight for liberation from oppression and exploitation here in the US and abroad. The ongoing right-wing violence does not target the US imperialist state. These demonstrations are reactionary in character, and cannot be conflated with genuine democratic peoples’ protests.  Instead of presenting a genuine alternative to the crisis-ridden imperialist system, the ringleaders seek to maintain the unhinged power of the Trump regime because they share its violent, racist ideology.

The hypocrisy of the US imperialist state is glaring: broad peoples’ movements such as Black and Indigenous struggles; national liberation movements including Palestine and the Philippines; and countries asserting independence such as Venezuela and others are met with the militarized brutality of the state, while the ongoing attacks in Washington D.C have been met with muted passivity. The same voices that demand law and order from oppressed peoples across the nation have fallen silent in response to the violent supporters of the Trump regime’s ruling clique. Not surprisingly, they are also the same voices who support regime change, sanctions and US military aggression on foreign soil.

ILPS US calls on all its members organizations and supporters to strengthen and defend our anti-imperialist united front, especially as the US imperialist state uses Trump-backed right-wing extremism to further militarize its repression of genuine peoples’ movements. We must expand our tactical tools to defend our movements from the bigoted and fascist violence of state and non-state actors. We must oppose attempts to use this attack as an excuse to enact new laws or broaden existing policies that repress people’s struggles that are asserting genuine social and economic justice. US imperialism and its reactionary foot soldiers are the greatest enemy of the people across the globe. As the veneer of democracy continues to crumble and state violence and repression heightens, we must build the strongest possible united front against imperialism and all reaction.

Defend Peoples Struggle!

Down with US Imperialism!

Long Live International Solidarity!

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